Christmas Card ini-MINI Session

2014 Holiday Card ini-MINI sessions are here! Instead of loading up on a ton of sessions in one weekend I am extending them over two weeks. They start November 9th and go thru to November 23rd. Christmas cards are guaranteed back and in your hands by December 6th. I have three beautiful locations that are easy access for the little ones an have lots of versatility to get the best variety in 20 minutes. Don't think 20 minutes is enough? You'll be surprised, plus it's cold outside nobody wants snotty red noses and frozen fingers! I want to photograph your kids happy and it's proven after 30 minutes they lose interest. I only offer mini sessions quarterly so get your session at a STEAL!

To ensure I meet my deadlines I am only taking on a total of 5 sessions and they are going QUICKLY! I currently have 2 spots confirmed and three left to book. There is a $50 deposit to book and it goes towards your session and it can be paid online. 

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If you would rather contact me by phone, I can be reached at 907-953-2508 or feel free to email me at

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